Who We Are

Elevation Energy is a Jamaican company providing Renewable Energy Solutions and specialising in PV Solar on large commercial rooftops. Elevation Energy is focused on making Jamaica and the world cleaner and healthier for future generations along with reducing Jamaica’s dependency on fossil fuels as exists today. From the design development through installation to operation, Elevation Energy will manage and deliver your PV Solar system in an innovative and cost effective manner.

We also are pioneers in raising Certified Green Bonds and are currently the only holder of Certified Green Bonds in the Caribbean.

What We Do

How we are building a better energy
future for Jamaica

Elevation Energy wants to put PV Solar solutions in easy reach of Companies who want a Greener future to assist Jamaica hit it’s Renewable Energy targets in the coming years. Elevation Energy will review each project and carry out the following activities;

  • Elevation Energy will fully fund your project
  • Do analysis on your energy usage and suitability for PV Solar
  • Design a PV Solar system to meet your requirements
  • Install your PV Solar system by our certified engineers
  • Do all the necessary maintenance required for your PV Solar system
  • Continuously monitor your systems performance
  • Monthly reporting on system including carbon offsets and savings

Contact us today to find out how to get your PV Solar system with no upfront costs.

Board of Directors